Skincare ‘Hacks’ that are ruining your skin!!!

Are you following these harmful skincare hacks?!


So many of those hacks you heard about and may have even incorporated into your skincare routine may actually be doing more harm than good, so lets get down to the hacks and the truth behind them.


I’m sure you’ve heard that putting lemon on your breakouts helps get rid of them, some people even use it to lighted their skin. Lets explore what lemon really does to your skin. Lemon interferes with the PH of the skin, our skin is naturally slightly acidic standing at about 5 on the PH scale however on average the PH of a lemon is a 2, this is far too acidic and very harsh on our skin causing skin irritation and dryness.

Apple Cider Vinegar.

Many people swear by this product for clearing up their breakouts and it can do that by drying out and breaking down pimples however apple cider vinegar damages the lipid layer of the skin which inhibits the skins ability to retain moisture, many people with oily skin might think that it will keep the oils at bay however it strips the skins natural oils and the skin in turn produces more oil. If this product is used over a long period of time it can result is dehydrated, aged, dulled skin and can cause irritation too.

Baking soda.

I’ve seen many skincare companies include baking soda in their ingredients, now that i pay more attention to labels and ingredients it shocks me how little skincare companies¬† know or care about what they’re putting in their products and they then market it well to make us believe its beneficial.¬† Baking soda is too alkaline for our skin and messes up the PH of our skin as well.


Using toothpaste on breakouts is a common hack however many toothpastes also include baking soda as well as mint so please don’t put toothpaste on your face. This isn’t necessarily a ‘hack’ but i think the cooling effect that mint/menthol gives the face has become popularized. mint is an irritant and you should avoid it when it comes to skincare products.


Duh honey, its not good for you when you consume it or put it on your skin but it is in so many products, i bought witch hazel and unfortunately didn’t read the ingredients until I brought it home i realized it contained ethanol alcohol, ugh so unnecessary. sometimes when I’m shopping i smell products that I’m considering buying, this is quicker than reading the label however not always as accurate, if a product smells strongly at all especially if it smells like alcohol i tend to avoid it. Alcohol, fragrances and essential oils that give products a strong scent are irritating and damaging to the skin.


I’ve seen DIY hacks with salt or sugar being used to make a facial exfoliator, these are too abrasive for the skin and can create tiny cuts invisible to the naked eye, not only that but salt is so drying to the skin. I’ve seen many natural beauty companies put salt, sugar and lemon into a product every chance they get (shout out to you lush) and its really not good and all those ingredients together are harmful combination. Epsom salts have also received a lot of hype, due to its magnesium content its very good for the muscles, cells and blood i like to add some to a bath from time to time but its important that it is diluted in a lot of water, i also add an oil to the bath to counteract the drying effects and i do not use it to exfoliate.

Sodium Laureth Sulfate.

This is not so much a hack but i think its important to mention. Sodium laureth sulfate also known as ‘soap’ is in a lot of skincare products particularly face washes. This ingredient is cheap and low quality. It is highly comedogenic meaning it clogs pores thus it can create more breakouts. Ironically sodium laureth sulfate is used in a lot of products marketed at targeting acne. This ingredient strips the skin of its oils making it dry and at the same time creates breakouts. When a product says ‘soap free’ it’s referring to sodium laureth sulfate free, so do try to avoid this ingredient.

I plan on following this post up with a blog about actually beneficial skincare tips and info, along with some product recommendations.

Thanks for reading,

much love,

Sarah Phoenix. X .